Mordechai Stone

Contempt never breeds with familiarity

The Box, Part 4

The garage was a place spoken about only in whispers by other members of Junior’s crew. “Bad things happened in the garage.” “I hear he stores body parts in there.” “He soundproofed the entire building. You know what that means.” Now I found myself headed to the garage with Junior’s psychotic enforcer. Like I said, fuck my life. Years later I saw a movie, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I knew […]

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The Box, Part 3

Fuck Me Eddy. It’s important to know how he got tagged with the name. Eddy has a propensity for violence. That’s a PC way of saying Eddy gets his rocks off on inflicting massive amounts of mayhem on people’s bodies. I saw one of his demonstrations in the alley behind a bar one night before I became a part of Junior’s crew. The evening’s victim made the mistake of mouthing […]

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The Box, Part 2

1982 Along with all the other bullshit I had to learn working with a new crew there were two things drilled into me on my first day by Lucky, the guy who brought me in. 1.         Never, ever go anywhere alone with Fuck Me Eddy. 2.         Never, ever go into or be caught anywhere near or around Junior’s garage. Defying either one of these dictums could short circuit life, permanently. […]

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The Box, Part 1

Sometimes I feel as though I exist in a half world. Part of me lingers in the past refusing to come out of the shadows. In the present fear blossoms when no danger is present. And terror can exist in a simple geometric shape. That terror feeds an electric current, a time machine that can zap me between past and present in the blink of an eye. This current creates […]

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Who Am I?

I am the broken crayon, the scratchy liberal in a roomful of pressed conservatives, the fish lurking just beyond your baited hook, unwilling to bite, unwilling to be your next meal. I am that random thought left behind, the dream that can’t be remembered, your next brilliant idea interrupted and forgotten because the girl was more important. I am the embarrassing party guest, the unpleasant cough in a quiet library, […]

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