Mordechai Stone

Contempt never breeds with familiarity


Is it time? Time to leave? Time to surrender the dream? Maybe it’s juts time to continue the journey elsewhere. I have so little left. For years I have been discarding possessions, getting lighter. I only have a few things that keep meaning, a couple of boxes with sentiments stored in the form of pictures, personal papers, a memory stick crammed with story ideas, half finished novels and screenplays, a […]

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Romance Languages

Romance Languages. Definition. Any language derived from Latin. I loved the idea when I first heard of it as a kid. It sounded so…romantic. And for a guy who dreamed of becoming a writer it seemed the logical thing to do, learn a romance language. I started with Spanish and Latin. I thought it would be cool to talk to chicks in Latin, impress them with my mastery of the […]

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Rhythm of Life

They pulled the stretcher out of the back of the ambulance on a Friday night at Parkland Hospital. A fat man lay there, naked save for a sheet covering his hips and legs. A piston, strapped to his upper torso, chugged vigorously compressing his chest. Every time the piston chugged a small trickle of blood leaked from two bullet holes in his side. Chug. Chug. Chug. The rhythm of life. […]

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Dead Eyes

Have you ever had a gun held on you? I have. Three times. Well, technically, four—but that one doesn’t count coz the gun was pointed at my chest, not my head, during a little drunkman’s-bluff between friends.  The other three I felt the pistol ‘held’ firmly to my skull and friendship had nothing to do with it.  Those three times the wielder of the magic wand wanted drugs, money or both and the pistolero […]

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The View

I worked on South Padre Island, TX for 18 months. From my third floor condo I could look west across the bay and see the sun set on the mainland then turn east and see waves from the Gulf of Mexico roll onto the beach of the longest barrier island in the world. Every night I managed a large bar/restaurant literally hanging over the bay. Anytime the moon rose the […]

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