Mordechai Stone

Contempt never breeds with familiarity

The Box, Part 1

Sometimes I feel as though I exist in a half world. Part of me lingers in the past refusing to come out of the shadows. In the present fear blossoms when no danger is present. And terror can exist in a simple geometric shape.

That terror feeds an electric current, a time machine that can zap me between past and present in the blink of an eye. This current creates a rift in space causing worlds to crash together. I exist in both worlds simultaneously yet I am never fully present in either.

Last week I received another box of books from a good friend in Dallas. Keith always sends me tasty stuff. I can’t wait to tear in to the carton to see what treasures reside within.

I stared at the box my roommate had set in the chair and froze. The current zapped me and when I caught my breath I had to seek refuge in my room, shutting the door to ward off scary monsters.

It took me over an hour before I could touch the damn thing…

…the perfectly shaped cube.

Categories: Short Stories