Mordechai Stone

Contempt never breeds with familiarity

The Box, Part 9

I held my breath and waited. I could feel the blood pounding in my ears. After an eternity Fuck Me Eddy lowered his pistol and eased the hammer down. He didn’t say a word. I thought about making a run for the fence but realized my legs might not work. So we waited. After another lifetime car headlights appeared moving parallel to the fence across the field. I’d been right. […]

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The Box, Part 8

“You still want to know what’s in the box?” Fuck Me Eddy taunted me as we walked through the field. “No,” I croaked. “You sure do ask a lot of questions about shit that’s none of your damn business. What makes you so curious?” There was no way in hell I was going to answer that question. “Stop here.” I did. In the distance I could make out another fence […]

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The Box, Part 7

Eventually we turned off the highway and took farm roads deep into the Texas plains. When Fuck Me Eddy had me turn off a farm road onto a dirt track I began to freak. When he ordered me to pull over and get out of the car I thought my heart would explode. This far out no ambient city light existed to lighten the darkness. Fortunately, a full moon shined […]

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The Box, Part 6

“We’ll take your piece of shit car,” he said to me as I stood in the dark. Grateful not to be hanging from the hook I followed him to my ride. My car was a piece of shit but no one likes hearing that about his ride. If you think I expressed my displeasure then you obviously need to reread the part about how Fuck Me Eddy got his moniker. […]

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The Box, Part 5

The light in the garage went on startling me. “A little jumpy, fucknuts?” Fuck yes, I was jumpy. I’d been trying to think of what I could have possibly done that warranted a trip to the garage alone with Fuck Me Eddy. Then it came to me. I remembered asking Junior one night where he got his supply of Mannitol and Lidocaine. That stuff was harder to come by than […]

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