Mordechai Stone

Contempt never breeds with familiarity

The Box, Part 7

Eventually we turned off the highway and took farm roads deep into the Texas plains. When Fuck Me Eddy had me turn off a farm road onto a dirt track I began to freak. When he ordered me to pull over and get out of the car I thought my heart would explode.

This far out no ambient city light existed to lighten the darkness. Fortunately, a full moon shined through the cloudless sky producing enough light to see a few feet.

Fuck Me Eddy stepped across a shallow ditch to a barbed wire fence. He stepped on the middle strand and lifted the top strand with his right hand creating enough space for me to squeeze through without snagging my clothes. He kept the box secured under his left arm.

“Come on, princess.”

I shook so hard I thought me knees would buckle but I made my way through the fence without buckling to my knees. I turned and stepped on the barbed wire lifting the top strand just as Fuck Me Eddy had done. He never offered the box for me to hold while he went through the wire and I never offered to help.

As Fuck Me Eddy bent down and ducked through the fence his shirt lifted up in back and I made out the shape of a pistol tucked in his pants. I knew Fuck Me Eddy never went anywhere without packing but seeing the pistol amped-up my anxiety beyond the ability to calculate with current instrumentation.

Fuck Me Eddy pointed across the field.

“That way.”

I headed in the general direction hating the fact that Fuck Me Eddy trailed me by a few feet.

“So Junior tells me you want to know where he gets the cut.”

My mouth went dry. I kept trying to swallow but my throat locked up.

“You thinking of getting your own territory? Huh, fucknuts?”

I just kept walking into the night.

“Bruno wanted his own crew.”

I remembered Bruno, a pretend badass where Fuck Me Eddy was the real thing.

“You seen Bruno around recently?”

I hadn’t seen Bruno in months. No one had.

“He’s got his own territory. Oh, yeah he does.”

I didn’t know what that meant but I could only imagine Bruno’s territory consisted of a patch of earth measuring six feet by three feet.

As we walked through the cow shit and milkweed I wondered if Fuck Me Eddy was taking me to my new territory adjacent to Bruno’s.